The Perfect Lawn Awaits You

Landscape and Snow Removal
Commercial and Residential.

Our History

Our family owned company specializes in creating memories in the newly restored beauty of your outside property. With over twenty years of experience, we offer nothing but the best, exceeding all of your expectations. We are very passionate of what we do, and guarantee the best quality at the best prices. As I always tell my clients “there will always be someone who will charge you less, but there will never be anyone who outstands the service I give you and the care I put into your home.” In order to provide you with outstanding service we make sure each member of our growing business demonstrates passion and ability. I personally go around and check on every crew and see how they are doing and work on your lawn with my workers to make sure that the final product matches your image of the perfect lawn. Our priority is not getting the job done fast with unhappy, unsatisfied clients. Our priority is checking every small detail, dedicating our time to you. -Arturo Figueroa

Our Process

  1. Walking Your Property - we offer free estimates!-We will set up a meeting to fit your schedule. It is very important for us to get to know you and walk around your property in order to make our professional based estimate; please be sure to provide us with your budget.
  2. Client Information - You must provide us with your Name, Address, Phone number, and Email address.
  3. Proposal - We will send you a proposal with all of our services and their prices. After you review and accept the proposal, we will send you a customized contract and formally close the deal. If for some reason you wish to add or remove any of our services included in the proposal, we would be more than happy to accommodate to your needs. If the price happens to be out of your budget range, we would be more than happy to negotiate with you.

Buenavistas Gardens Inc.
1221 Barberry Lane, Round Lake Beach, IL 60073

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